Board of Directors

The Whitewater Makerspace is governed by a board of directors.  Board meetings are held once a month.  Members of the board are pictured below with short biographies.  To contact the board, please go to the 'Contact Us' page.


Tim Griffin- President

Bio coming soon.

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Jerome Converse- Vice-President

I am 66 years old and am enjoying my retirement by volunteering for the Ice Age trail; building and maintaining the IANST both at the local chapter and state level. I've been a member of Whitewater Makerspace since 2013 and am currently serving on the board as vice president.  My career background primarily comes from involvement in a farm machinery dealership.  I have an interest in all things mechanical. I'm fascinated by machinery and prime movers. I tinker making things, modifying things, repairing things; going to great lengths to fix things most people would throw away and replace. My goal at Whitewater Makerspace is to further getting young people involved in "learning by doing", teaching by example, and get the creative juices flowing. And to expand my horizons by getting proficient in stuff outside my comfort zone; like 3D printing, industrial sewing, and aluminum fabricating


Gene Szymaszek- Treasurer

Bio coming soon.


Brienne Diebolt-Brown- Secretary

Photo and bio coming soon.


Gordon Converse

Bio coming soon.


Meghan Griffin

Meghan is the newest member of the board and a senior in high school.  She was brought on to advise on social media, and to give a younger person's perspective on topics the board discusses.  Passions of Meghan's include robotics, horseback riding, reading, photography, and graphic design.  For the past five years, she has competed on and mentored FIRST Tech Challenge teams in Southeast Wisconsin.  Over the same period, she has competed on her high school's equestrian team.  You can often find Meghan helping out at MakerCamp and MakeRamas.