Welcome to the Whitewater Makersapce


Air Rocket Glider Workshop

The Whitewater Makerspace is happy to announce a brand-new workshop: Air Rocket Gliders.  Design and test different wing styles for a pneumatic airplane.  Interchange your wings and launch again and again with the compressed air launcher.  The first Air Rocket Glider workshop will be held at the East Troy Lions Public Library on August 14th from 1:30-2:30 pm.

The Whitewater Makerspace is a Maker Camp Affiliate

The Whitewater Makerspace is an affiliate of the Maker Camp program, sponsored by Make: Magazine.  We will be hosting Maker Camps every Friday during the month of August.  We will be hosting additional programs during the school year once a month.  



Can't get enough making?  Gear up for school year MakeRamas!

The Whitewater Makerspace will be hosting MakeRamas and Make-N-Take workshops once a month during the school year.  MakeRamas will be similar to Maker Camps, with different projects that cover a wide variety of STEM and STEAM fields.  There is no cost associated with attending a MakeRama!  Make-N-Take workshops are building-oriented programs where participants will create hands-on projects that they will be able to take home.  Due to the consumable nature of Make-N-Take workshops, a small fee may be associated with attending (contact us for details).  Programs will be held on weekends in a variety of locations, so make sure you check our website to find one near you.